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Stanhope 2016

Article: Exploring the New Realities of Policing

The Fall 2016 issue of CAPG's newsletter, Board Connection, features an article that explores key themes from Stanhope 2016 including mental health in policing, professionalization, and community policing.

"In the end, we can't take care of our communities unless we're taking care of ourselves...Understanding how to do that is a collective effort."
- Roger Brown


This conference was a great opportunity to network with leading police training agencies from across Canada...

Delegate Comment, Stanhope 2016

Thank You!

Thank you to all the delegates, presenters, and organizers who made the 10th annual Stanhope Conference one of the most important on the Canadian police training calendar.

This year's event explored a diverse range of subjects and perspectives to not only look at police learning and education but also the issues that will shape the future of policing in Canada. From mental health to cybercrime to drug recognition, Stanhope 2016 was an opportunity to look at emerging issues, to understand what they are, what impact they might have on training, and how the police and public safety community can develop a collective approach that best serves the needs of frontline personnel and the communities they serve.



About Stanhope

CPKN hosted the first Stanhope Workshop in 2007 in Stanhope, Prince Edward Island. It is an annual event that brings together police trainers, practitioners, and decision-makers to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and work together to identify priority training needs within the police community.

The Stanhope Workshop is an open forum where policing professionals discuss the challenges, solutions, and future of police training in Canada. The Workshop continues to evolve to keep pace with ongoing transitions within the police training community.