The Stanhope ConferenceHosted by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network

The Stanhope Conference



Stanhope 2017: It’s All About Training: Responding to Emerging Trends in Public Safety

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Master of Ceremonies

Krystine Richards, Canadian Police Knowledge Network

Monday, October 2

7:00 - 9:00 pm - Stanhope 2017 Meet & Greet Reception

Confederation Centre Art Gallery

Tuesday, October 3

7:30 am - BREAKFAST

8:30 am - Welcome and Opening Remarks

Kimberley Greenwood, Chair CPKN Board of Director

Housekeeping, Introductions – Krystine Richards, Canadian Police Knowledge Network


Facilitators: Lenore Hladky, Edmonton Police Service and Genevieve Tremblay, RCMP

8:45 am - Government of Canada Perspective

Presentation by Rachel Huggins, Public Safety Canada

9:45 am - RCMP Perspective: Drug Impaired Driving, Testing, and Devised

Presentation by Corporal David Botham, RCMP

Workshop Activity

10:45 am - Presentation and Workshop Activity

Presentation on their approach to mapping out the impact Cannabis Legislation will have on their service and the areas where training will be required.

Presentation by Supt. Alan Murphy, Edmonton Police Service

Workshop Activity


12:00 pm - LUNCH

12:45 pm - Speaker: Peter Sloly, Deloitte Canada

The Future of Policing: How do we prepare our police services and frontline officers for the demands that are coming in the next 5 years? Where are the gaps? What are the challenges? What should we be doing to continuously prepare?

1:45 pm - CPKN National Advisory Subcommittee Updates

Collaboration Sub-Committee Update (Joel Matthews, Calgary)

Course Topic Selection Sub-Committee Update (Harry Dhillon, PRP)

Group Photo

2:30 pm - Interviewing - Evolution of Training: from REID to PEACE Interviewing Model to Phased Interviewing Model

Toronto Police Service, RCMP – PRTC and Public Safety will share their experience of transitioning from the REID model to the PEACE Interviewing model to a blended approach using best practices from the PEACE model and the HIG model

Facilitators: Mike Legault, PRTC and Simon Pare, Public Safety Canada

Presenters: Robert Thomas (TPS), Darren Carr (PRTC), Louis Vaillancourt (Public Safety Canada)

3:45 pm - Streams (Attendees choose one)

Stream 1:
Curriculum Design, eLearning, and Course Development Best Practices - Betty Froese (VPD), Dan Goodwin (CPKN), Angela Adu (DRP), Joe Countryman (YRP)

A panel consisting of individuals from across the country, this stream will allow audience members to ask questions that will invoke a discussion around current learning trends, course development, best practices, and lessons learned. Topics of discussion may include design/development process, tools, technology, strategies, delivery methods, and assessment.

Stream 2:
Evidence Based Policing Competencies in Practice - Laura Huey (CanSEBP)

Recently, we have seen a steady growth in the number of police practitioners and agencies adopting evidence based policing (EBP). At its core, EBP rests on a central tenet: police decision-making should be "based on scientific evidence about what works best” (Sherman 1998). While this proposition seems straightforward, it places a responsibility on police leaders for which they may be unprepared. Understanding how best to commission, resource, appreciate the strengths and limitations of and/or make actionable the products of research, requires senior officers to have some level of familiarity with the research process. One potential source of that knowledge is police leader training and education. However, a recent study (Huey et al. 2017) reveals that Canadian leadership programs either do not emphasize research or research skills, or provide, at best, very rudimentary knowledge. To fill the void, the Canadian Society of Evidence Based Policing is launching a new free training initiative to be unveiled at the Stanhope Workshop.

Competencies in Practice - Nora Houlahan (JIBC)
In September 2016 the JIBC Police Academy implemented a recruit training delivery model structured around the principles of case-based and competency-based education. The Police Sector Council National Framework of competencies forms basis for assessment of recruits throughout their training. The presentation will focus on the structure of the program and the lessons learned from implementing this large-scale change in delivery.

4:45 pm - Day 1 Wrap Up

Day 1 Wrap Up and Adjornment

6:30 - 9:00 pm - Roving Feast

(Delta Hotel, Charlottetown)

Enjoy the flavours PEI has to offer…and then go back for more! Sample a variety of locally-sourced food from several stations prepared by Chef Javiar Alarco. Once you’ve tried each station, go back and have more of your favourites!

Wednesday, October 4

7:30 am - BREAKFAST

8:30 am - Recap and Plan

Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Plan/Objectives with Krystine Richards


Facilitator: Joel Matthews, Calgary Police Service

8:45 am - Cybercrime Presentation

Ryan Jepson, Calgary Police Service, will inform and educate workshop delegates on the definition of cybercrime, the extent that cybercrime exists and the availability of training for law enforcement on cybercrime. 

10:00 am - Cybercrime Workshop

Delegates will discuss a variety of scenarios presented by Rob Merriott, Vancouver Police Department, and will suggest solutions to these training issues.

Final discussion will focus on how the Canadian Police Community should move forward regarding Cybercrime Investigations training

11:45 am - F. Darren Smith Award Presentation

Sandy Sweet

12:00 pm - LUNCH

1:00 pm - DIRECTOR’S SESSION – It’s All About Training

Directors workshop on how to turn CPKN’s strategic framework into actionable items.

Moderator: Sandy Sweet

2:00 pm - Presentation: Sometimes it takes a tragedy to inform training

RCMP overview of the analysis arising from the Moncton Shooting – Supt. Rhonda Blackmore, RCMP and Genevieve Tremblay, RCMP

3:00 pm - Presentation

Dale Sheehan will be sharing how the Data Fusion System by Armed is pro-actively responding to political threats for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar using lead-edge technology and intelligence

3:30 pm - Streams (Attendees choose one)

Stream 1:
Immersive Learning Technologies for Law-Enforcement Training - Simon Paré (Public Safety Canada)
Update on the use of new technologies such as virtual reality and wearable physiological sensors in law enforcement training. Recent initiatives both in Canada and the US will be presented, including the CityLife project. Participants will have an opportunity to walk in synthetic environments using virtual reality technology.

Stream 2:
The Canadian Credible Leadership Development Series - Mike Legault (PRTC) and Wendy Taylor (JIBC)
CPKN working with the International Academy of Public Safety, RCMP, BC C&E Committee and Justice Institute of BC will soon be releasing the new Canadian Credible Leadership Development Series. This leadership program focuses on the foundations required of a great leader with a specific focus on emotional and social intelligence. This 4-part series presenting 60 leadership skills will be available to law enforcement and agencies. The first series being released this fall will focus on 24 of the 60 leadership skills being introduced on self management, interpersonal communication and conflict management.

This Stanhope 2017 session will begin with an overview of the 4-part series with a specific focus on Series 1. Session participants will assist in identifying leadership challenges and opportunities as well as helping create the best approach for moving forward and implementation to best meet the leadership development needs of law enforcement and agencies.

4:30 pm - What We’ve Heard

A final a wrap up of Stanhope 2017, highlighting key themes from workshop discussions and new initiatives that will be considered for the year ahead.

5:00 pm - Adjornment


6:30 - 9:00 pm - On the Town (Mack Theatre)

6:30 pm - Drinks; 7 pm - Dinner

Join us for an old-fashioned Kitchen Party (lobster and steak) with Joey Kitson and his talented children, Annie and Julien. Be prepared to sing along!