The Stanhope ConferenceHosted by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network

The Stanhope Conference

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Stanhope 2018: Police training for today and tomorrow

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Master of Ceremonies

Krystine Richards, Canadian Police Knowledge Network

Tuesday, October 2nd

7:00 - 9:00 pm - Stanhope 2018 Meet & Greet Reception – Confederation Centre of the Arts, Art Gallery

Wednesday, October 3rd

Memorial Hall, Confederation Centre

7:45 am - Breakfast - The Studio

8:30 am - Welcome

Housekeeping and Introductions

9:00 a.m. - NAC Sub-Committee Updates

- Collaboration Sub-Committee – Darla Blackmore, CPS (on behalf of Joel Matthews)
- Topic Selection Sub-Committee – Lenore Hladky, EPS

9:15 a.m. - Cannabis Legislation: Road to Readiness

- Facilitated by Geneviève Tremblay
Review of the past year- Recap of our journey. The power of collaboration and an overview of existing national training, portal for Cannabis, DID.

9:35 am - Overview of On-going and Emerging Issues in Jurisdictions Where Cannabis has been Legalized

- Facilitated by Cpl. Shane Holmquist, RCMP

9:55 am - Edmonton Police Service’s Experience

- Facilitated by Lenore Hladky

10:15 a.m. - BREAK

10:35 a.m. - Group Activity

- Facilitated by Geneviève Tremblay and Krystine Richards
State of readiness of police services, use of national course, supplemental training, new training

10:40 am - Table Discussion

- Facilitated by Krystine Richards
Residual training gaps, best practices, etc.

11:00 am - Drug-Impaired Driving – Outlook and Implementation

- Facilitated by Vesna Knezevic, Public Safety Canada
Implementation strategy, devices, timelines, funding, challenges, etc

11:20 am - RCMP Training Strategy for Oral Fluid Devices, DRE and SFST

- Facilitated by Geneviève Tremblay
Discuss the training developed, future planned training for new devices, the “train the trainer” approach, a schedule of deliveries, and an overview of content specific to how the devices will add complexity and options on a road side stop

11:30 am - A Provincial Approach

- Facilitated by by Marc Desaulniers, ENPQ

11:45 am - Table Discussion

- Facilitated by Krystine Richards

Noon - LUNCH

Join us for an optional Lunch and Learn Interactive session about the LMS with CPKN staff, expert users, and other interested members taking place in the Studio Theatre.

1:00 p.m. - STREAMS

Delegates select a stream

Stream A (Memorial Hall):
Leadership – the impact on culture, morale, and ethical decision making.

Chief Jean-Michel Blais, Halifax Regional Police
Chief Devon Clunis (retired), Winnipeg Police Service
Chief Paul Martin, Durham Regional Police Service

Attendees will work to solidify a common purpose for policing, recognize their leadership roles/responsibilities, identify the skills necessary for success, and develop the ethical leadership framework to execute.

Stream B (Studio Theatre):
Learning & Development
A selection of innovative projects and programs will be shared with the delegates as outlined below:

York Regional Police (YRP)
Topic overview: Redesign of 1st Classification Training Program
Presenter: Joe Countryman
Length: 20 min

Halifax Police Service (HRP)
Topic overview: Redesign and hosting of recruit class
Presenter: Julie Moore
Length: 15 min

Medicine Hat Police (MHPS)
Topic overview: Blended cadet program with Lethbridge college
Presenter: Rod Thompson
Length: 15 min

Mental Health Commission of Canada
Topic overview: Mental Health First Aid is a 12-hour course and applies to all Canadians. In 2017, the Mental Health Commission of Canada worked with a group of police officers, mental health experts, learning designers, and the Canadian Police Knowledge Network to develop a blended online and in-class version of the course specifically for police officers. This adapted course addresses the resource constraints of police organizations (time off the road, back filling, etc) and focuses on the unique reality of policing (apprehension, use of force, pre-existing training). Sjors will discuss the development process, lessons learned, and next steps around the course Mental Health First Aid Police.
Presenter: Sjors Reyers
Length: 20 min

Public Safety Canada
Topic overview: Review and discussion of PSC’s Individual Learning and Development Plans including a description of ILDP LMS tools and process.
Presenter: Simon Pare
Length: 15 min

2:30 p.m. - BREAK - Group Photo

3:00 p.m. - Adoption of Technology Enhanced Learning: A Strategic Perspective

- Facilitated by Sandy Sweet
Presenters: Marc Desaulniers (ENPQ), Betty Froese (VPD), Genviève Tremblay (RCMP)
Financial, Technical and Cultural Barriers still exist, with Cultural being the most significant.
VPD, ENPQ and RCMP L&D, who’s organizations all use e-learning significantly, each share what the challenges were, the strategies to overcome them and what challenges remain.
There will be an engaging exercise for the group to confirm or elaborate on what they have heard.

6:30 p.m. - PEI Kitchen Party at the Mack (Music by Joey Kitson & Family)

Thursday, October 4th

7:45 a.m. - BREAKFAST

8:30 a.m. - Day 2 Plan/Objectives – Krystine Richards

8:45 a.m. - CACP Global Studies Update – Krystine Richards

9:15 a.m. - Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy

- Facilitated by Stacy Clarke, TPS

GOAL: To create a procedural justice/police legitimacy template for CPKN that can be used to overlay into the different specialized areas of training
• Speaker – Insp. Dan Jones, EPS - presentation followed by Q&A

10:30 a.m. - BREAK

10:45 a.m. - Group Activity

• First Group – Trainers – 20 min
1. How do we incorporate it into Cannabis training
2. How do we incorporate it into Bias training
3. How do we incorporate it Notes and Testimony training
4. How do we incorporate it into General Investigations training
5. How do we incorporate it into Leadership training

• Second Group – Curriculum Designers – 20 min
1. How do we incorporate it into all forms of training?
2. What are the pitfalls to this?
3. Do we see value in creating this type of template?
4. What tools can be used for this?

• Wrap – Up and Discussion – 20 min

11:45 am - F. Darren Smith Award Presentation

Noon - LUNCH

Lunch ‘n Learn (optional) - Allan Bailey and Lynette Gillis – High Impact Evaluation Model

1:00 pm - Speaker – Mindfulness

– Jon Carson, YRP

2:00 pm - STREAMS

Delegates will select a stream

Stream A: Directors Panel (Memorial Hall) – INTRODUCTION – Sandy Sweet will introduce CPKN’s Strategic Framework. The group will break in half for 25 minutes then switch for 15 minutes to discuss the following topics led by various Directors.

Session #1 (40 minutes)
Session #1A - Build Effective Relationships and Collaboration: Jean-Michel Blais/Stacy Clarke
Session #1B - Respond to Training Needs: Peter Lennox/Lenore Hladky

Session #2 (40 minutes)
Session #2A - Advocate and Support Competency based Training - Graham Beverley/Sidney Reid
Session #2B - Demonstrate Leadership in Innovation: Mike Legault

Stream B: Learning and Development (Studio Theatre)
A selection of innovative instructional strategies and technologies will be shared with the delegates

Justice Institute of BC (JIBC)
Topic overview: Build your own scenario in 30 minutes (software)
Discussion about how JIBC uses praxis in recruit training. Praxis is a software developed in-house at the JIBC for computer-based scenarios. It combines “injects” that can be text, audio, or video based with decisions and rationale from participants as they work through a scenario
It is a great tool and they have developed all their scenarios in-house at the police academy, so it is easy to use and very cost-effective.
Presenter: Nora Houlahan
Length: 30 min

Public Safety Canada
Topic overview: Project CityLife, Learning Objectives: Show how the simulation tool is used to train teams.
Presenter: Simon Pare
Length: 15 min

RCMP Depot
Topic overview: Overview and discussion on a Level 3 evaluation with an emphasis on process and outcomes rather than the specifics of the evaluation.
Presenter: Beatriz Rojo De Rubalcava
Length: 25 min

CAN-SEBP/Peel Regional Police
Topic overview: Implementing Evidence Based Policing Materials into Your Course Content (Made Easy)
Presenter: Dr. Laura Huey, Staff-Sgt. Natalie Hiltz, Peel Regional Police
Length: 20 min

3:30 p.m. - BREAK

4:00 p.m. - Recap and Closing – Sharing Directors Panel Discussion

A final a wrap up of Stanhope 2018, highlighting key themes from workshop discussions and new initiatives that will be considered for the year ahead.

4:30 p.m. - ADJOURNMENT

6:00 p.m. - On the Town at the RED SHORES Racetrack & Casino’ at Charlottetown Driving Park

6:00pm - Drinks; 6:30pm - Dinner; 7 - 9 pm – Horse Races